Schüßler salts: action and application

Regulate minerals in the body and thus treat diseases - that is the claim of Schüßler salts. They are also suitable for self-treatment. Schüßler salts have been part of alternative medicine for almost 150 years. After initial experience with homeopathy, the doctor from Oldenburg Finally, Heinrich Wilhelm Schüßler developed an independent treatment.

He called her "biochemistry". The basic idea: In case of disease symptoms, there is a distributional disorder of mineral salts in the body, which should be compensated by taking just these salts again.

Minerals in high dilution

The treatment with Schüßler salts has nothing to do with a dietary supplement in which one takes high concentrations of mineral salts such as magnesium, calcium or silica, for example as tablets. In the homeopathically dosed Schüßler salts, the respective inorganic minerals are only present in high dilution. For example, the commonly used dilution D6 represents one part of the salt and one million parts of diluent.

Schuessler and his followers do not want to compensate for a food-related lack of salt in this way, but directly trigger processes in the body cells: These are easier to absorb the right minerals in sufficient quantity. Thus, the function of the organs to be improved and the self-healing powers in the body to be stimulated.

12 base salts and 12 supplements

Schuessler himself has developed twelve basic salts (or functional agents), later added 12 more supplements. The salts have the advantage that they are relatively easy to handle and thus well suited for self-treatment by the laity. They can also be used on children - side effects and interactions are unknown.

Schüßler kept a list of how and when the relevant mineral salts are best used in his experience. Nevertheless, the efficacy of Schüßler salts has not been proven in scientific studies. It includes, as many alternative therapies, proof of its effectiveness in practice.

Application of Schuessler salts

The small taste-neutral tablets are melted in the mouth or they are dissolved dissolved in hot water (do not mix with metal spoon!) In small sips, which are kept as long as possible in the mouth. So should the active ingredients already pass over the oral and pharyngeal mucosa into the blood.

Rule of thumb: In case of acute symptoms, take one tablet every 10 to 15 minutes, gradually increase the interval after improvement up to a dose of 3 to 5 tablets a day - until the symptoms have disappeared.

On the same active ingredient basis, there are also ointments, for example, for skin diseases or bruising and joint disease. The use of several Schüßler salts is common.

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