How can you replenish a single-family home?

If you want to increase your family home, topping up the roof is an effective option. In this article, we'll explain the benefits of topping up and what you should keep in mind for the project to be a success.

The benefits of replenishment

replenishment or cultivation?

Sure, ask yourself: what are the advantages of an increase compared to an extension? The decisive factor here is the required space: In contrast to the topping, you will need additional construction space for the installation. However, if you have a topping up, you should definitely adhere to the city's specifications in terms of height.

It is clear that such an expansion of housing causes high costs. Therefore, you should not only compare the prices of different providers, but also set a clear financial framework. If you do not do that, the costs quickly get out of hand and the fun at the "new" house is spoiled.

As you can see: An increase is useful in most cases where space is needed. As long as you keep an eye on costs, it's a well-calculated project.

Tips & TricksCompare the costs and benefits of replenishment and cultivation. In some cases, an extension may be useful, for example, if the floor space is insufficient in one floor.
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