Acne Tarda - which helps with acne in old age

Those who suffer from acne do not necessarily have to be in the middle of puberty and be the same age as a teenager. The so-called acne tarda is a form of acne, which occurs mainly between the 30th and 45th year of life and is also referred to as Altersakne. Most women are affected by senile acne. Although there are huge differences between the acne tarda and the so-called puberty acne, the consequences for the affected person can be the same. Often they suffer greatly from the pimples, both physically and mentally.

Acne at a mature age

Many women know the problem: Just before the beginning of their period, this already announces in the form of pimples and redness on the nose, chin and cheeks. Many women in their 30s suffer from these ailments but not just before their period. Why more and more women have to suffer from acne tarda is not clearly proven.

However, the fact is that the skin's sebaceous glands simply produce too much sebum, causing the pores to overgrow vermin. The pores of the skin are thereby blocked and eventually blackheads and pimples form.

Alters acne: recognize causes

There are a variety of ways that come as a cause of senile acne in question. Just stress, an unbalanced diet and mental stress can also lead to hormone fluctuations and ultimately prove to be causes of acne tarda. Hormonal fluctuations, such as at the time of menopause or menopause, can also affect the skin.

But also allergies, especially food intolerances and possible side effects of medications can be considered as causes of acne tarda. Ultimately, however, a hereditary predisposition can lead to the impure skin.

Treat acne tarda

Even if the acne Tarda occurs only lightly or only on certain days, the pimples should be clarified by a dermatologist. He then determines the appropriate treatment. Depending on the severity of the acne, antibiotics may need to be applied internally; in mild cases, creams containing antibiotics may improve the condition of the skin.

In addition to medical treatment, cosmetic treatments can also relax and improve the skin. Manual cleaning can remove clogged pores from deposits. A light irradiation with colored light or also a so-called abrasion of the skin by a microdermabrasion can belong to the possible treatments in the Kosmetik.

Blooming and purulent pimples should be opened exclusively by doctors or beauticians. Under no circumstances should the affected person push themselves, because the danger is great that makes the acne worse. The fingers or hands can carry more bacteria into the skin.

Skin-friendly care

It is important in each case, a type and skin-appropriate care. Since acne tarda increasingly occurs in women who tend to dry skin anyway, it makes sense to maintain the skin gently and moisturizing. Only when sufficient moisture is added to the skin can the natural skin barrier be fully functional and protect the skin from bacterial attack. An acne tarda should never use traditional soap. Sodium laureth or lauryl sulfate contained in the soap and detergents can promote the formation of blackheads.

Even pure creams are not recommended for care in Altersakne. Because the fatty substances can close the sebaceous ducts, which should be avoided at all forms of acne. In addition, the skin is unnecessarily attacked by aggressive cosmetics and care products and the skin barrier is thus more permeable, which again bacteria can penetrate into the skin.

With cosmetics for senile acne

In addition to the targeted treatment of acne tarda, it is advisable to apply in addition to the care of the skin only cosmetics that is suitable for sensitive and sensitive skin. In consultation with the dermatologist or in lighter forms of senile acne in consultation with the beautician, cosmetics that enriched with vitamin A or fruit acids, has proven particularly well for the care of the skin in acne tarda.

Many women around the age of 30 are particularly enthusiastic about a treatment with fruit acids, because fruit acids can achieve two effects: Firstly, the acne-plagued skin can be alleviated and achieve visible effects, as the coarse pore pattern can be refined and inflammation can heal faster. On the other hand, preparations containing fruit acid can also help with fine wrinkles. It is best to turn to a beautician for professional treatments with fruit acids; for home care, products with an 8% fruit acid content are recommended.

Acne Tarda and Make Up: Is That Good?

Contrary to popular belief that make-up is a taboo in acne, skin-friendly make-up can achieve two effects. During the day, make-up protects the skin from other external influences such as possible harmful environmental influences.

In addition, women who suffer from acne feel better with a masking make-up or camouflage. However, it is particularly important in Altersakne, off the skin in the evening.

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