Losing weight thanks to the South Beach Diet

In America, many are raving about a low-carbohydrate diet that promotes the motto "low carbs - unlimited fat": the South Beach Diet. German "fat-counter", which recommends indefinitely noodles, rice and potatoes, may also be in trouble. But even this form of diet is only successful, if the type of fat is respected. This reduces the supposedly new South Beach diet to an old hat: the Mediterranean diet.

Diet without carbohydrates

The origin of the new "fat wave" in the 1972 developed diet of the cardiologist Robert Atkins. He announced that the extra pounds are best melted if you eat as much eggs and meat as you like, but refrain from all carbohydrate foods. Although the "fat guru" Atkins shortly before his demise last year barely 117 pounds - at 1.80 height - brought on the scale, the diet is still trailers.

South Beach Diet: "good" and "bad" fat

The cardiologist Arthur Agatson modified the Atkins diet and thus had great success in a group of cardiac patients. The "low carb wave" was born. Unlike Atkins, he distinguished between good and bad fats. While vegetable oils, especially olive oil and nuts are allowed, animal fats remain damned - except for fish oil / fat.

Another difference to Atkins: Not all carbohydrates should be avoided, but products from white flour such as bread and pasta, potatoes or sugary foods. Fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, which also contain carbohydrates, are allowed. The Miami-based "South Beach Diet" is divided into three phases: Only in the first phase of bakery products, potatoes, pasta, rice, fruit, sweets, ice cream, fruit juices or alcohol should be strictly avoided.

Mediterranean diet as a precursor

For quite some time, the "Mediterranean diet" is a household name. It has a high fat content, which is mainly due to the generous use of olive oil. An important part of the Mediterranean cuisine are vegetables and fish as well as meat in moderation. Only difference: fruits and pasta. The fat from fish such as mackerel, salmon, herring or tuna is especially "heartwarming". It contains omega-3 fatty acids that keep blood flow in the body flowing.

Conclusion for the South Beach Diet

The benefits of the South Beach diet:

  • Fat saturates and also makes unpopular foods, such as vegetables, tastier
  • the insulin level is not changed
  • It contains a lot of vegetable, but low animal fats
  • It contains lots of vegetables (keyword vitamins, bioactive ingredients, fiber)
  • It contains a lot of fish (keyword: iodine and omega-3 fatty acids, which are prophylactic against cardiovascular diseases)
  • Sweets and products made from white flour (bread, pasta) are avoided

The disadvantages of the South Beach Diet:

  • Nutrient-rich and long-saturated foods such as potatoes or rice are avoided
  • Fruit and 100% juice should be excluded, especially in Phase 1. They contain many vitamins and bioactive ingredients
  • If legumes and whole grains are omitted, for example in phase 1 of the diet, the important fiber is missing
  • Fat contains the most calories of all nutrients. It may therefore be eaten rather less

In contrast to the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet has no objection if it is not exaggerated. In its most extreme form (Phase 1), however, it is only recommended for a short time. However, it does not differ significantly from general dietary recommendations.

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