13 diet tips for carnival

Carnival, Carnival, Carnival - the fifth season holds every year back to Germany. For die-hard fools it is a highlight of the year - also in terms of food and drink: meatball and Currywurst, sweets and Fettgebackenes, beer and schnapps. Until the carnival jeck falls to bed with numb senses and mild nausea.

Stay in the mood during the carnival

The Carnival may be good for the mind, but he does the body less well: To start frits with mayo, maybe a meatball and then a few donuts. To make it easier to slip, a beer and a better schnapps for better digestion - Cheers! With a donut, six glasses of beer, two glass of lemonade, two schnapps, a meatball roll and a currywurst with fries (total 2207 kilocalories), the average energy requirement of an adult is already covered - no wonder that many Elferratsuniformen can not be closed! When the fool finally gets into bed in the evening, the body has a lot to handle.

This is how you get through the foolish days

What do we mean to our organism? He should still stay healthy and fit into old age, so that we can still happily and colorful costumed participate in the hustle and bustle of the Jecken.

  • Drink a lot: A lot of mineral-rich mineral water and less alcohol keeps us in our right mind. Therefore, after each glass of alcohol, a glass of mineral water should be drunk. This reduces the amount of alcohol consumed. As alcohol increases urine output, the body loses fluid and minerals. A water that is rich in minerals, especially sodium, improves the fluid balance of the body, prevents dehydration and replenishes the lost electrolytes. A trick that by the way is not only valid for carnival.
  • Have a good breakfast: With a good breakfast we give the body a good base to end the day. Whole wheat bread with a hearty but lean topping, fruit or raw food, freshly squeezed orange juice and cottage cheese or yogurt make you happy, full and provide many vitamins and minerals. With such a start to the day, one must have less concern when spoiling spoons and French fries - the consequences of food sins are kept to a minimum.
  • Calorie-conscious for the party: If you have a party at home, offer lean foods such as chicken breast or turkey instead of meatballs. The classic potato salad often drowns in mayonnaise and should give way to a fresh colorful salad or be prepared with fewer calorie-containing dressings. Fish is a healthy and low-fat enrichment for the buffet; Fruit salad or red groats are ideal desserts.

So you bow to a hangover

Do you know that? On the morning after the carnival, every ray of light and every sound hurts, the throat seems dry and alone at the thought of food becomes quite different again. Coffee and some Aspirin should then help to expel the cat and get fit for the next round. For you is part of the boisterous carnival activities alcohol? Then the following tips will help you:

  • Even if it is not conducive to the slim line, it helps against the cat: a fatty nutritional basis, eg. B. pork knuckle, fat schnitzel or French fries. Because fat prevents alcohol from getting into the blood.
  • Drink a large glass of sodium-rich mineral water after each alcohol-containing drink: you drink less alcohol altogether, the fluid balance improves and the body does not dry out.
  • Beware of alcoholic mixed drinks! Their sweet taste overcooks their alcohol content (about five to six percent) - which is why they are easily underestimated and unreasonably enjoyed.
  • Do not switch between different types of alcoholic beverages.
  • Always eat salty snacks. They give the body minerals that it loses when drinking.
  • In between, "take a breath". Thus, the lack of oxygen is compensated by fuselages and accompanying substances.
  • At bedtime, take 1-2 magnesium effervescent tablets - these will help prevent headache.
  • The next day, a hearty breakfast with rollmops, sour cucumbers and a strong bouillon, which provides the body with many minerals, especially salt, helps.
  • Some swear at hangover symptoms on the homeopathic remedy Nux vomica.
  • And if the cat and carnival are finally over for this year, a fruit day for the slim line can not hurt
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